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Pay Per View

Pay Per View

At Webcasting, we understand the work that goes into creating content or organising an event. If you have invested time, money, and effort, then it is worth considering if you have the right arrangements in place to ensure that you are able to gain financial benefit.

Strong security controls and digital rights management can help you in establishing and developing your pay per view streaming video service. By offering content that has been expertly edited and produced, you will be enhancing the viewing experience of your clients. Along with appropriate encryption and a suitable structure that allows secure access through a paywall, Webcasting is also able to assist you in monetising your pay per view live streaming service.

Webcasting will undertake a thorough assessment and provide you with detailed information to assist in identifying and establishing the most effective pay per view streaming video service for your content type and end users. Most platforms come with registration, verification, and password mechanisms to ensure content is only made available to authorised viewers. By using encrypted digital files, you can further improve the effectiveness of your access controls.

Whether you are offering a pay per view live streaming service for a sporting event or concert or providing video on demand content to your subscriber or student base, Webcasting has the skills and expertise to assist you with the installation of a secure payment gateway.

What Webcasting can help you with:

  • DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  • Integrating PPV content with existing online material
  • Subscription portals
  • One time live events
  • Multiple live events
  • Ticket options (single, playlist, global, etc)
  • IPTV platforms
  • Mobile device streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
  • Stats and tracking
  • Database and subscriptions

A pay per view streaming platform is now quick and easy to set up and maintain. Online broadcasters are able to incorporate a paywall structure into the access arrangements for both live streaming and on-demand video content. Using proven online payment solutions to accept payments for access to content ensures your system functions efficiently for your clients and that you receive the revenue quickly and securely.

To take control of your digital rights management and make your content pay

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